Sep 23, 2018 The Cost of Doing thr Right Thing

September 23, 2018

Our Modern Lesson is from Confirmation:


Sep 16, 2018 Beyond the Reef

September 16, 2018

This week's modern lesson can be found at:


Sep 9, 2018 God of Rainbows

September 9, 2018

Sep 2, 2018 The Monkey King

September 2, 2018

A Christmas Gift to Nixon

August 26, 2018

Today's sermon was inspired by and is dedicated to Senator John McCain.  Just after finishing it, I learned of his passing.  I give thanks for his life, his example, his courage, his humor, and the dignity and principles he stood on as a Senator of our country.  I often disagreed with his policies, but he is one of a handful of politicians I have had unwavering respect and admiration for.  Peace and blessings be to his family and all those who mourn the loss of someone who exemplefied what it means to live a life well lived, a life of service to others, and a life of reaching across the "political isle".  I look forward to hearing President Bush and President Obama eulogize Senetor McCain--an example to so many.   


Aug 13, 2018 Weaponizing Families

August 13, 2018

Sunday's sermon was a celebration of families as well as a critical reflection of how our nation and culture often seeks to "weaponize" familihood, to destort, descriminate and degrade certain kinds of families, and primarily families of minority groups or the poor.  

Attached is a song called "At The Purchaser's Option" which was our Modern Lesson today.  Please listen to it before the podcast.


Aug 5, The Last Supper

August 5, 2018

Today's scripture lesson is the story of the last supper and our moderlesson comes from the Moth Radio Hour.  Please listen to this story before the sermon.