Feb 18, 2018 Our Super Power

February 18, 2018

Today’s sermon is a reflection on grief and our own experiences of grief as a sources of empathy, healing and wholeness for others as they struggle.  We hear the story of a women who recognizes empathy, her willingness to engage in the pain of her own loss in order to support others, as her super power.  https://www.huffingtonpost.com/jan-deblieu/using-your-grief-to-help-others--and-heal-yourself_b_8545308.html?1450704624%3Fncid=edlinkushpmg00000277 


Feb 14, 2018 Jonah and the Big Fish

February 14, 2018

Today's reflection on the story of Jonah and the big fish includes a story told on the Moth Story Hour: https://themoth.org/stories/charlottes-deadly-scissors 


Feb 7, 2018 God’s People In Exile

February 7, 2018

This morning we hear and respond to the story of Daniel who finds himself in a lion’s den.


Jan 10, 2018 Priviledge & Power and the story of King Ahab & Queen Jezebel

January 10, 2018

Reflecting on the theme of privilege we reflect on a story from the Hebrew Scriptures about the abuse of power.


Dec 24, 2017 christmas eve

December 24, 2017

Rev Jason is asked by his three year old daughter, “is Jesus black?” This is his response...


11-12-17 Heifer International Sunday

November 13, 2017

Today’s sermon is a reflection on Heifer’s work of seeking to end world hunger and care for the earth.